Histopath of Caustic injuries

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Q. Which of the following is not a histologic feature  of acute phase in caustic injury of the esophagus?
a) Thrombosis
b)Liquefaction  Necrosis
c) Sloughing
d) Bacterial and lymphocyte infiltration

Small bowel diverticulum

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Q) False about epidemiology of  Small bowel diverticulum  ( Questions on Jejunum) 

a) Duodenal diverticulum is symptomatic and appear before 40 years

b) Jejuno ileal diverticulae are less than 5%

c) Most common congenital anomaly of SI  is Meckel

d) All correct

Chylous Ascites

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Q) Which of the following is least likey mechanism of formation of chylous ascites

a) Obstruction of existing lymphatics with exudation of chyle

b) Chyle leak from lymph vessels due to injured retroperitoneal vessels

c) Mega lymphatics exudation which are present in the wall of retroperitoneum

d) Recurrent chronic pancreatitis

Complications of Surgery of Aortic aneurysm

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Q) A 68 year old man undergoes repair of infra renal aortic aneurysm. On 2nd POD he has abdominal pain, bloody diarrhea and tachycardia. BP is 120/70. Abdomen is mildly distended and tender especially in the left lower quadrant.

How will you proceed

a) Send stool for clostridium and spores

b) CT Abdomen

c) Exploratory laparotomy

d) Higher antibiotics

Q True about bochdalek hernia

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Q True about bochdalek hernia

a) It is common on the right side

b) Females  are affected most

c) It is the commonest diaphragmatic hernia

d) Not associated with other birth defects

Answer c