Small Intestine diverticulum

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Q) Small intestine diverticula true statement is 
a. Meckel is Most common and jejuno ileal is least common but most symptomatic
b. Meckel is true and congenital and rest are false and acquired
c. 1-5 % Duodenal ones require endoscopic or surgical treatment
d. All Meckel’s resected unless strong Contraindication is there


Perforation during Lap cholecytectomy

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Q.     Regarding Lap Cholecystectomy false  is  (AIIMS) 

a.       GB perforation occurs in 40%

b.      Perforation occurs at time of dissection from GB bed

c.       10 – 30 % incidence of missed stones in peritoneal cavity

d.      Missed stones seldom cause any problem in the future