HPV and cancers

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Q) All are true about HPV induced cancers except

a) HPV 16 and 18 cause 70% of all cervical cancers

Petrosphenoidal syndrome

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Q) In Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Petrosphenoidal syndrome involves which cranial nerves ( Aiims onco 2020) ?

a) VII- X

b) I-III

2nd primary tumors

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Q) In buccal mucosa cancer after surgery and CRT, after 2 year patient developed cancer at base of tongue with N3 nodes positive. Best line of management
A .Palliative RT
c. Rehabilitation
D.  Surgery followed CTRT

There are two parts to this questions 

a) Second Primary tumor (SPM)

b) Management of Base of tongue tumors with N3

Both are discussed here ---


Obesity and Association with cancer

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Q) Obesity is least associated with which cancer ? ( AIIMS Onco exam 2020
A) Colon
C) Breast
D) Esophagus

Important Points : Obesity is also associated with 

  1. GB cancer

2. Obesity and increased BMI also has an increased risk of death from prostate cancer


Radial scar

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Q) Radial scar is seen on 
A. Mammography findings
B. MRI findings
C. Fracture of radius
D. Fracture of ulna

Ans a Mammography

Radial scar, or complex sclerosing lesion, is a rosette-like proliferative breast lesion. It is not related to surgical scarring.

A radial scar is a benign hyperplastic proliferative disease of the breast. Proposed possible causes include localized inflammatory reaction and chronic ischemia with subsequent slow infarction.

In approximately 30% of cases, a radial scar is associated with ductal carcinoma in situ and tubular carcinoma of the breast


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Lymphoma Head and NECk

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Q) Lymphoma of the head and neck - False statement is 
A. Hodgkin’s disease is common in the oropharynx.
B. Most are of the B-cell type .
C. FNAC of neck lymph nodes is now mandatory.
D. For disseminated non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, systemic chemotherapy is preferred.

Smoking treatment

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Q) Smoking cessation- Not a  first line drug option ?

a) Clonidine 

b) Nicotine replacement (patches)

c) Varenicline

d)  Bupropion

Ans A) clonidine

NRT ,  varenicline (Chantix), and bupropion (Zyban) are the three principal firstline pharmacotherapies recommended for use either alone or in combination 

Clonidine and nortriptyline—as second-line pharmacotherapies for tobacco dependence typically used when a smoker cannot use first-line medications due to either contraindications or lack of effectiveness.

Ref Devita

Carcinoid Lung

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Q) All are true about pulmonary carcinoid except?

a) Atypical carcinoid is more common

b) Surgery is done with curative intent

c) Atypical carcinoids are peripheral

d) Typical carcinoids have lymph node metastasis and require lymphadenectomy

Blueprint assay

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Q) Blueprint assay used in which cancer

a) Breast

b) Colon

c) lung

d) head and neck


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Q) Hands of ICU personnel are most commonly infected with 

 a) Staph epidermis


c) Mssa

d) Acineobacter