Thymic Carcinoma

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Q) SVC syndrome with Thymic Carcinoma stage ( WHOB3) WHat will be the management? (#Lung Onco)

A)Chemo radiotherapy followed by surgery

b) Definitive chemoradiotherapy

c) Chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiotherapy

d) Surgery Alone

Hormonal levels

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Q) Male patient comes with Gynecomastia, Blindness and nipple discharge? Which hormone level will you do (# 

a) Testosterone

b) Estrogen

c)  Prolactin

d)  BHCG



Sarcoma with early lymph node spread

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Q) Soft tissue sarcoma  with  early lymph node metastasis is (#AIIMS onco 2021  # Soft tissue sarcoma)

a) Pleomorphic sarcoma
b) MFH
c) Angio sarcoma

d) all

Ans c)

In Sarcoma lymph node metastasis is rare in (<5%), except in a few histologic subtypes such as
1. epithelioid sarcoma

2. rhabdomyosarcoma

3. clear-cell sarcoma,


5.Undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma (UPS).