Ulcerative colitis Surgery in Young female

Q) Which surgery to be done in young unmarried  female with steroids refractory Ulcerative colitis  and 15 bloody bowel movements

a) TPC with IPAA

b) TPC with EI ( end ileostomy) 

c) TAC with EI ( end ileostomy) 

d) TAC with IRA ( Ileo rectal anastomosis) 

#AIIMS 2022 April 


Ans d

The risk of infertility following IPAA was estimated to be approximately 50%
compared with 15% among medically treated patients.
Given these data, many surgeons advocate for a three-stage
procedure in which subtotal colectomy with end ileostomy
is performed and IPAA is deferred until childbearing is
SKF 8th page 1936
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