Management of various Hereditary Syndromes

Q) Total Proctocolectomy is required for which of the following ? ( MCH GI Surgery Question- Click here for all) 

a) Cowden


c) Gardner

d) PJS  

Snippet -- HNPCC- Lynch syndrome patients develop colorectal and extracolonic cancers at a young age. It accounts for approximately 3% of all CRCs, and 10% to 19% of CRCs diagnosed before age 50. Read on..........


Q) Not seen in cowden syndrome
B. Hamartoma
C. CA breast
D. Bowel malignancy

Malignancy risk in CS is significant outside the GI tract. Women have a 50% lifetime risk of developing breast cancer ...............

Read on ..............

CT colonogrpahy

Q) Which of the following is not an indication of CT colography

a) Obstructed growth to look for  synchronous lesions
b. Can’t do colonoscopy
c. High risk pt with suspicion of ca colon

d)   50 year old with Average risk

Metastatic NET

Q) Girl with pain upper abdomen.  CT Abdomen shows  4 X 5 cm mass in segment V  and thickening in ileocecal region.
Liver Biopsy shows NET. Next line of management:?
A. Dotanoc
B. Colonoscopy
D. Surgery of liver