Complications of conduit anastomosis after esophagectomy

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Q) False statement about site of esophagus anastomosis after esophagectomy? AIIMS Jun 2020 GI 

a) Reflux is more in cervical than mediastinal

b) Stricture rate is more with circular stapler anastomosis

c) Stomach preconditioning decreases leak rates

d) Injury to recurrent laryngeal nerve increases pulmonary complications?

prognostic factor for carcinoma esophagus

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Q. Most important prognostic factor for carcinoma esophagus is
a) Cellular differentiation                                 b) Depth of  esophagus involvement

c) length of  esophagus involvement            d)   age of the patient


Most important is depth of involvement of wall  of esophagus and lymph node involvement of the surrounding esophageal tissue.
 Length of esophagus involvement is not that important because esophagus has extensive submucosal lymph supply and for complete cure 10 cm excision margin would mean removal of almost total esophagus.