Smoking treatment

Q) Smoking cessation- Not a  first line drug option ?

a) Clonidine 

b) Nicotine replacement (patches)

c) Varenicline

d)  Bupropion

Ans A) clonidine

NRT ,  varenicline (Chantix), and bupropion (Zyban) are the three principal firstline pharmacotherapies recommended for use either alone or in combination 

Clonidine and nortriptyline—as second-line pharmacotherapies for tobacco dependence typically used when a smoker cannot use first-line medications due to either contraindications or lack of effectiveness.

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Pressure Sores

Q) Frequency of order of pressure sores (Click for more general Surgery MCQs) 

A. Heel>occiput>malleolus>greater trochanter

B. Ischium>sacrum>greater trochanter>heel

C. Malleolus>ischium>greater trochanter>occipital

D. Ischium>greater trochanter>sacrum>heel


This is a very simple question which is often answered incorrectly.

Pressure sore frequency in descending order

1. Ischium
2. Greater trochanter
3. Sacrum
4. Heel
5. Malleolus (lateral>medial)
6. Occiput

Bailey summary box 3.5 page 29

Peptic Ulcer Location

Q) False statement about location of peptic ulcer?

a) Type 1 is on greater curvature

b) Type 2 is gastric body and duodenal

c) Pauchet procedure is for type IV

d) Type Iv is high on lesser curvature

Ans 16) a

TYPE             LOCATION                             ACID LEVEL
I                   Lesser curve at incisura         Low to normal
II               Gastric body with duodenal ulcer Increased
III                      Prepyloric                           Increased
IV                   High on lesser curve               Normal
V                        Anywhere                            Normal,