Thoracic outlet syndrome

Q Not a true statement about thoracic outlet syndrome:

a) Elevation of  arm causes occlusion of subclavian artery

b) T1 nerve supply is mainly compressed

c) There is altered sensorium in T1 nerve distribution

d) Embolism of subclavian artery may occur

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Q) Which of the following is true about ameloblastoma 

a) It is seen in children below 5 years

b) It is the most common odontogenic tumor

c) Mandible is the most common site 

d) It is highly malignant


c Mandible is the most common site

It is the 2nd  most common odontogenic tumor. It is locally invasive and can cause severe deformity. It is seen in middle age group and not children.

Mandible is the most common site of origin seen in 80% cases. It is slow growing  but it remains locally aggressive with high rates of recurrence.

Given the choices above, c  is the most probable one.

Ameloblastoma is a benign, slow growing, locally invasive odontogenic tumor. It is the second most common odontogenic neoplasm. It accounts for 11% of all odontogenic tumors.


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