Fibrolamellar HCC

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Q) Fibrolamellar HCC is associated with ? ( #NEET onco Questions 2020) 

a) Young age

b) No lymph node metastasis

c) Poor Prognosis

d) Occurs in setting of cirrhosis

Ans a Young age

This tumor generally occurs in younger patients without a history of cirrhosis.

Well demarcated and encapsulated and may have a central fibrotic scar

Good prognosis than HCC, probably related to high resectability rates, lack of chronic liver disease, and a more indolent course. Long-term survival can be expected in approximately 50% to 75%

Lymph nodes can be involved and associated with poor outcome


Prognosis colon cancer

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Q) Out of the following Which is a good prognostic  factor for colorectal cancers
a )Rt side tumor
b) Left side tumor
c) Braf +
d) Kras +

Xeloda Regimen

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Q) Xeloda Regimen is 

a) Continuous 5 fU infusion

b) Folfox

c) Folfiri

d) fluropyradmidine and Capecitabine

Colorectal Metastasis

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Q) Not a significant factor for prognosis in colorectal metastasis?

a) Involved lymph node in primary

b) Metachronous  lesion

c) Synchronous lesion

d) Size more than 5 cm


Ca Rectum

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Q) CA rectum 5 cm from anal verge which is T1N0 on evaluation. which of the following cannot be done for the treatment of the patient
A. Inter sphincteric resesction
C. Transanal endoscopic resection

CA Gall Bladder – Post cholecystectomy

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Q) Post Lap Cholecystectomy Gall bladder shows Carcinoma with muscle layer involvement. No lymphatic or blood vessel involvement. Management is?

a) Close observation

b) Radical cholecystectomy

c) Port site excision

d) Adjuvant chemotherapy

Ans ) b

CDH 1 mutation

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Q ) Hereditary diffuse Gastric carcinoma is associated with which  breast cancer
A. Ductal carcinoma NOS subtype
B. Lobular carcinoma
D. Metaplastic carcinoma

Answer for Q 79

Majority of Gastric Cancers are sporadic,

1–3% of GCs arise as a result of inherited cancer predisposition syndromes.

 Li-Fraumeni syndrome, Lynch syndrome, Peutz-Jeghers syndrome, hereditary breast and ovarian cancer,MUTYH-associated adenomatous polyposis (MAP), familial adenomatous polyposis,  juvenile polyposis syndrome and PTENhamartoma tumour syndrome (Cowden syndrome).

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