Most common cause of Pseudomyxoma peritonei

Q) Most common cause of pseudomyxoma peritonei is?

a) Appendicular cancer

b) Ovarian cancer

c) colon cancer

d) Pancreatic cancer

Ans a ) Appendicular cancer

It is a disease characterized by mucinous ascites  that arise most often from a perforated mucinous tumor of the appendix.

Similar clinical features may occur in patients with mucinous tumors of the ovary, colon, and pancreas.

The histology of appendiceal tumors is an important predictor of survival

 Adenomucinosis has the best survival rate (75% at 5 years), and peritoneal mucinous carcinomatosis, the worst 

Ref sabiston page 1093


Fibrolamellar HCC

Q) Fibrolamellar HCC is associated with ? ( #NEET onco Questions 2020) 

a) Young age

b) No lymph node metastasis

c) Poor Prognosis

d) Occurs in setting of cirrhosis

Ans a Young age

This tumor generally occurs in younger patients without a history of cirrhosis.

Well demarcated and encapsulated and may have a central fibrotic scar

Good prognosis than HCC, probably related to high resectability rates, lack of chronic liver disease, and a more indolent course. Long-term survival can be expected in approximately 50% to 75%

Lymph nodes can be involved and associated with poor outcome


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