Management of Cholangiocarcinoma

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Q) False about management of cholangiocarcinoma?

a) Resection can be done in  absence of histological diagnosis
b) External  radiotherapy better than brachytherapy
c) Lobar hepatectomy can be done

d) None



Central Mesocolic excision

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Q) False about Complete Mesocolic Excision

A. Proposed by Hohenberger

B.Central venous ligation is done.

C. Nodal yield improves

D.Dissection is below fascia of toldt 

Biliary stricture in Chronic pancreatitis

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Q ) Biliary stricture in chronic pancreatitis. True Statement is 
a) Endoscopy is primary treatment
b) Mostly asymptomatic
c) Stricture is because of proximity to head of pancreas
d) Malignancy must always be ruled out

Pancreatic necrosis

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Q) Pancreatic necrosis all are true except
a) Sterile pancreatic necrosis may be managed conservatively in most of the cases
b) Infected Pancreatic Necrosis  is managed by surgery at 2 weeks
c) Minimal access techniques have given better results than open necrosectomy
d)WOPN may be drained by either a transgastric or, less commonly, a transdoudenal route.

Kock Pouch

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Q) MC complication of kochs continent ileostomy (JIPMER)
a)Nipple valve retraction