Enteropathy in T cell lymphoma

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Q. Not true about enteropathy in T cell lymphoma
a) It is an  variant of intestinal lymphoma mainly in jejunum and ileum
b) Associated with coeliac disease
c) Perforation is frequently seen with ETL (Enteropathy T cell lymphoma)
d) This type of lymphoma is common
Ans. d
Enteropathy T cell lymphoma is an unusual variant of intestinal lymphoma. It is associated with celiac disease and responds to gluten free diet. It has a higher rate of perforations because of circumferential ulcers. It is commonly seen in jejunum and ileum
Ref- Schakelford Surgery of Alimentary canal  pg 1205

Ingested foreign bodies

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Q) False statement about ingested foreign bodies is 

a) Conservative management in most patients

b)  Cathartic agents are part of conservative management

c) Sharp objects can cause perforation

d) Laparotom  is  indicated for  obstruction