Malignancy risk factors in IBD

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Q) WHich is not a  risk factor for malignancy in inflammatory bowel disease?

a) >50% crohn disease in colon

b) PSC

c) Old age of onset

d) use of Infliximab 

Sentina Trial

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Q) According to SENTINA trial how many minimum sentinel lymph nodes to be removed (Onco 2019)
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

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Q) All about MCN of pancreas are true except?
1.Presence of eggshell calcification in CT is suggestive  of malignancy
2.cyst fluid analysis can diagnose accurately in 80%
3.invasive MCN is very aggressive with 30%  5YR Survival compared to adeno carcinoma
4. If MCN is non invasive, surgery  is curative

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Whipple triad

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Q ) Not a component of Whipple triad



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 Q) Pigmented lesion suspicious melanoma of size 1cm with ulceration and features of ABCD,
next step
A. Wide Local Excision  with 1cm margin
B. Excision biopsy with 1-2mm margin
C. Punch biopsy at the edge of the lesion
D. Incisional biopsy

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