Pulmonary embolism

 Q) Indication of IVC Filter in a  40 year old male

A. Recurrent thromboembolism despite adequate anticoagulation

B. Deep venous thrombosis in a patient well controlled by anticoagulation

C. Presence of DVT

D. All of the above



Diverticulitis of colon

Q) False  about diverticulitis of colon

a) Diverticulitis results from the perforation of a colonic diverticulum,

b) MOst common site is sigmoid and descending colon

c) CT scan is the diagnostic modality of choice

d) Sigmoidoscopy should be done in all cases urgently


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Haemangioma of the liver

Q) True about 5 cm haemangioma of the liver 

a) 50% of symptomatic haemangiomas of the liver will still have some other intra abdominal cause

b) They should be operated because of high risk of rupture

c) 2-5% of these can turn to be malignant

d) Radiation gives the best results

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NEET based questions -2018

Bilious vomiting child

Q) Previous healthy infant presents at 6 weeks with bilious vomiting. What is the diagnosis?

a) Hypertrophic pyloric stenosis

b) Intussusception

c) jejunal atresia

d) Midgut Volvulus

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Abdominal Compartment Syndrome

Q) What is not a management option in Abdominal compartment syndrome

a) Drainage of Intra abdominal collections

b) Muscle relaxation

c) Mesh closure

d) High PEEP

Genetic mutation in sporadic pancreatic cancer

Q) Initializing mutation in Carcinoma head of pancreas is of which gene?  Questions on pancreas

a) p53

b) Kras 

c) CDKN 2A

d) DPC 4

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