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Q) True about fasciotomy of the lower limb

a) Fasciotomy should be done when distal pulses are absent

b) If there are no clinical signs and compartment pressure is more than 30 mm Hg, fasciotomy should be done

c) Multiple small incisions should be given on the leg

d) Crush injuries that manifest late, fasciotomy is preferred

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Bile duct injuries in cholecystectomy

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Q True about Bile duct injuries in cholecystectomy

a) Only 15% are recognized at the time of surgery

b)Routine  Operative cholangiography  definitely reduces the incidence of bile duct injury

c) In incomplete obstruction of bile duct,  jaundice occurs early

d) Surgical outcome depends on timing of surgery

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After cholecystectomy complications can occur in 15%. Identification and management of bile duct injuries is very important. This question and subsequent discussion has been routinely asked in many exams