Paclitaxel group drugs

Q)  Which group of drug paclitaxel belongs to ? 
a) Drugs which interfere with mitosis
b) Antimetabolites ( those which interfere with DNA synthesis)
c) Drugs which directly damage DNA
d) Inhibitor of  receptor tyrosine kinase

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Ans a )

Paclitaxel is a drug which interferes with mitosis. It is a class of drug which interferes with mitosis
Vincristine is also in the same group but it interferes with formation of microtubules ( Spindle poison)
Antimetabolites are 5 FU, Methotrexate, Gemcitabine
Drugs which damage DNA Mitomycin , Cisplatin, oxaliplatin, doxorubicin
Receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor are Imatinib, Geftinib
ref page 156 Bailey 

Inoperability criteria of ca oral cavity

Q) Inoperability criteria in ca oral cavity is  ( MCH Onco 2020) 

a) Pterygoid plate involvement

b) Tooth socket involvement

c) Cheek involvement


Ans a) Pterygoid

T4b in oral cancer is Very advanced local disease.

Tumor invades masticator space, pterygoid plates, or skull base and/or encases internal carotid artery, skull base and/or encases the internal carotid artery.

Note: Superficial erosion alone of bone/tooth socket by gingival primary is not sufficient to classify as T4

Tumour involvement of the following structures are considered technically unresectable

Erosion of pterygoid plates, sphenoid bone, widening of foramen ovale

Extension to superior nasopharynx or deep extension into Eustachian tube or lateral nasopharyngeal wall

Encasement of internal carotid artery, defined radiologically as tumor surrounding the carotids> 270 degrees.

Involvement of mediastinal structures

Involvement of prevertebral fascia or cervical vertebrae

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Colon Lymphoma

Q) True about lymphoma of the colon?

a) More common in females

b) Most common in 3rd and 4th decade

c) Most common site is caecum

d) T cells are most commonly involved

Surgery Questions on Colon

MCQs in Rectum

Ans c

Lymphoma is uncommon in the colon/rectum occurring in 0.4% of patients; intestinal lymphoma and can present anywhere between the
second and eighth decades of life.

Most of these lesions are intermediate to high-grade B-cell lymphomas.

Affected men outnumber women about 1.5:1 

The majority of colorectal lymphomas are found in the cecum or ascending colon. More than 70% of colorectal lymphomas are proximal to the hepatic flexure. 

Colon Lymphoma Pathology Outlines 

Extranodal Marginal Zone B-Cell Lymphoma

ENMZL, formerly known as marginal zone lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (MALT lymphoma)

Low-grade lymphoma involving cells that arise from the marginal zone surrounding lymphoid follicles.

23%–48% of all primary GI NHLs, second only to DLBCL in most series

ENMZLs are heterogeneous lymphomas, often containing monocytoid-like cells, plasma cells, and scattered large cells intermixed with marginal zone cells.

There are small cells with irregular cleaved nuclei and a moderate amount of clear cytoplasm


Microscopic Appearance  diffuse sheets of large lymphoid cells infiltrate the lamina propria and submucosa, with frequent obliteration of the muscularis propria and ulceration of the overlying mucosa.

Irregular nuclei, prominent nucleoli, and basophilic cytoplasm and are more than twice as large as normal lymphocytes.

Other less common type is  Mantle cell lymphoma

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Operative Techniques in Surgery by Michael W. Mulholland et al

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Lung Tumors

Q) 50-year-old male with 1 x1 cm mass in the Peripheral part of the right lung was resected with clear margins. histopathology was suggestive of Adenocarcinoma and there was no lymph nodes positive what will be the further management
A. Observe
B. Adjuvant RT
C. Adjuvant CT
D. EGFR testing


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