Lung Tumors

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Q) 50-year-old male with 1 x1 cm mass in the Peripheral part of the right lung was resected with clear margins. histopathology was suggestive of Adenocarcinoma and there was no lymph nodes positive what will be the further management
A. Observe
B. Adjuvant RT
C. Adjuvant CT
D. EGFR testing


Variceal Bleed

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Q.  Esophagus varices treatment. All are true except (NEET GI 2019) 

a) Sclerotherapy is preferred over banding
b) 3 mm conservative treatment  beta blockers

c) Sclerotherapy and not  Band ligation  increase portal pressure

d) Vasactive drugs should be started early

Type III Choledochal cyst

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Q) Choledochal cyst III, treatment (MCH GI 2019) 

A) Partial hepatic resection
B) Choledochojejunostomy

C) Transduodenal excision
D) Endoscopic drainage


Gastric Lymphadenopathy

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Q ) which is one of the  criteria for diagnosis of gastric lymphadenopathy
a. mesenteric lymphoadenopathy
b. hepatic involvement

c. general lymph adenopathy
d . blood count within normal limt

Ans d

Dawson criteria

(1) absence of peripheral lymphadenopathy at the time of presentation;

(2) lack of enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes;

(3) normal total and differential white blood cell count

(4) predominance of bowel lesion at the time of laparotomy with only lymph nodes obviously affected in the immediate vicinity; and

(5) no lymphomatous involvement of liver and spleen


Staging Anal Cancer

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Q  ) In Anal Carcinoma  involvement of external iliac group of lymph nodes
a. Stage II
b. Stage III a
c. Stage III b

d) M1

Ans c, IIIb

Primary tumor (T)

  • TX: primary tumor cannot be assessed
  • T0: no evidence of primary tumor
  • Tis: carcinoma in situ (Bowen disease, high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion [HSIL], anal intraepithelial neoplasia II-III (AIN II-III)
  • T1: tumor 2 cm or less in greatest dimension
  • T2: tumor >2 cm but <5 cm in greatest dimension
  • T3: tumor >5 cm in greatest dimension
  • T4: tumor of any size invades adjacent organ(s), e.g. vagina, urethra, bladder (note that direct invasion of the rectal wall, perirectal skin, subcutaneous tissue, or the sphincter muscle(s) is not classified as T4)
Regional lymph nodes (N)
  • Nx: regional lymph nodes cannot be assessed
  • N0: no regional lymph node metastasis
  • N1: metastasis in regional lymph nodes
  • N1a: metastases in inguinal, mesorectal, and/or internal iliac lymph nodes
  • N1b: metastases in external iliac lymph nodes
  • N1c: metastases in external iliac and in inguinal, mesorectal, and/or internal iliac lymph nodes
Distant metastasis (M)
  • Mx: distant metastasis cannot be assessed
  • M0: no distant metastasis
  • M1: distant metastasis

Involvement of para-aortic or more distant lymph nodes is considered M1

Stage 0 Tis N0 M0
Stage I T1 N0 M0
Stage II T2, T3 N0 M0
Stage IIIA T1, T2, T3 N1 M0
T4 N0 M0
Stage IIIB T4 N1 M0
Any      T N2, N3 M0
Stage IV Any T Any N M1


Tamoxifen in breast cancer

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Q) Optimal duration of  tamoxifen in premenstrual women
a. 5 yrs
b. 10 yrs

c 3

d 15

Oncotype DX score

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Q   About oncotype  Dx Score

a)  21 gene recurrence score
b)  Adding size improves score
c) Poor response to chemo with increasing  score



Nutrition Assessment

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Q) All of the following are used for Nutritional Assessment except

a) Albumin

b) Prealbumin

c) Transferrin

d) PT/INR 

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Hemangioma in Children

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Q) Involution of hemangioma in 50% of children occurs by the age of ?
a. 6 months
b. 1 year

c. 2 years

d. 5 years

Haggitt Classification (NEET GI 2019)

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Q)  Type 3 haggitt classification is 

a) Invades through muscularis mucosa into submucosa in the head of polyp

b) Invades to neck of polyp

c) Any part of stalk

d) below the stalk


Melanoma resection margins

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Q) What should be the margin in 2 mm thick  melanoma

a) .5 cm

b) 1  cm

c) 2 cm

d) 2.5 cm

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