Do I need to Study Bailey and Love 28th edition for upcoming NEET SS 23

New edition of this standard text book of surgery was released about 4 months back and since then, many of the NEET Super Specialty Surgery branch  aspirants have been constantly asking us weather to switch their preparation  from the 27th edition to 28th edition?

I think its a good idea to start reading from the new text book as many things have changed. In NEET exams only thing that matters is the book from which the examiners prepare questions and we strongly feel they always like to get their hands on the latest release.

We on our learning website have switched to the latest edition and last 8  mock tests have been based on the new editions of Sabiston and BAiley

Many new chapters have been added like " Chapter 73 Functional disorders of the Intestine" Changes have been made in transplant and pediatric Surgery Chapters which were not there in the earlier editions.

As the NEET SS 23 prospectus has still not been released, there is time and we feel you should be switching to the latest edition.


Bile leak after lap Cholecystectomy

Q) 60 year old female undergoes lap cholecystectomy and is discharged She comes back 8 days later with pain abdomen, distension, fever and tachycardia. USG shows a 500 ml collection in Morrisons Pouch. Next step?

a) Conservative, I V antibiotics

b) USG guided drainage

c) LAP exploration and ligation of cystic duct stump

d) CECT followed by open exploration


# Questions on BIliary system

# Free Questions on Bile ducts

Anal malformation

Q) Newborn with abdominal distension on day 2, not passed meconium. There is absent anal orifice. WHat is the next step? # NEET SS 22 

a) Cross table X ray

b) Invertogram

c) Anoplasty

d) Sigmoid colostomy

Ans a) Cross table X ray

1st step in such cases Rule out congenital abnormalities of spine, sacrum , kidney heart etc

2nd step Cross table x ray  If it shows Perineal fistula do ANoplasty, If x ray shows rectal gas below coccyx do PSA RP with or without colostomy, If it shows gas above coccyx with associated defects do colostomy

Table 67.14 Sabiston 


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