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Q) Which is not a mechanism of cancer cells invasion ?

a) Rise in interstitial pressure in the tissue

b) Dissolution of extracellular matrix

c) Mobility of cells to Invade

d) Extra cellular matrix dissolution is due to  physical factors

Ans d 

Cancer cells secrete collagenases and proteases that chemically dissolve any extracellular boundaries
They also express  of cell-surface molecules called integrins

Three main mechanisms of cancer cells  that  facilitate invasion are

(1) Rise in the interstitial pressure within a tissue

2. They secrete enzymes that dissolve extracellular matrix

3. Acquire mobility

bailey 141

PET CT In Urological Malignancies

Q) PET CT in urological  malignancies most useful in? ( Questions as per NEW NEET SS Pattern) 

a) RCC

b) Testis

c) Urinary bladder

d) all

Ans B


In men with testis cancer, it is recommended in the follow-up of patients with seminoma with any residual mass

Promising in Urinary bladder ca

Not used in RCC 

BAiley page 1391

Stemmer’s test

Q) Stemmer Test is done in

a) Lymphedema

b) Deep Venous Thrombosis

c) Superficial Venous thrombosis

d) Factitious lymphedema

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