Bone tumors

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Q ) Round cell tumor in the fibula? What is the diagnosis and management? ( NEET Onco 2020

a) Osteosarcoma & surgery

b) Osteosarcoma & chemotherapy

c) Ewing Sarcoma & chemo 

d) Ewing and surgery

Wilms tumor

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Q) All are true of Wilms tumor except

a) Surgery is the mainstay of treatment

b) Associated with favorable and unfavorable histology

Fibrolamellar HCC

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Q) Fibrolamellar HCC is associated with ? ( #NEET onco Questions 2020) 

a) Young age

b) No lymph node metastasis

c) Poor Prognosis

d) Occurs in setting of cirrhosis

Ans a Young age

This tumor generally occurs in younger patients without a history of cirrhosis.

Well demarcated and encapsulated and may have a central fibrotic scar

Good prognosis than HCC, probably related to high resectability rates, lack of chronic liver disease, and a more indolent course. Long-term survival can be expected in approximately 50% to 75%

Lymph nodes can be involved and associated with poor outcome


Genes and Cancers

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In This post I will be adding most commonly associated genetic abnormalities and changes

MEN2 syndrome is caused by gain of function mutations in the RET  gene.

Li-Fraumeni syndrome is associated with mutation of P53.

Mutations in p16 is associated with melanomas, pancreas, esophagus, head and neck, stomach, breast, and colon.

BRCA1 is associated with breast and ovarian carcinoma. 

Soft tissue sarcoma with lymph node

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Q) Which of the following soft tissue sarcoma  (STS) associated with least lymph node metastasis:-
A. Fibrosarcoma
C. Epitheloid sarcoma
D. Rhabdomyosarcoma


Malignancy risk factors in IBD

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Q) WHich is not a  risk factor for malignancy in inflammatory bowel disease?

a) >50% crohn disease in colon

b) PSC

c) Old age of onset

d) use of Infliximab 

HPV Vaccine

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Q) Not true about HPV vaccine (#AIIMS onco 2020 Jun) 

A. Can be useful even in already infected women
B. Can prevent Ca Cervix in unimmunized individuals
C. Bivalent and quadrivalent vaccine are available

d) Antibody response is lifelong

CDH 1 gene

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Q) CDH 1 gene is associated with which cancer

a) Breast

b) Colon

c) Prostate

d) Renal

ANs a CDH 1 is with gastric and lobular breast cancer

Germline mutation in the CDH1 gene encoding E-cadherin was shown to be associated with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. Prophylactic total gastrectomy should be considered in patients with these mutations

Renal mainly associated with VHL

Prostatic carcinoma

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Q) Origin of prostatic carcinoma is from which zone 
A. Transition zone
B. Peripheral zone
C. Central zone