Bone tumors

Q) A 16 year old boy presents with severe groin pain after kicking a football. Imaging confirms a pelvic fracture. A previous pelvic x-ray performed 2 weeks ago shows a lytic lesion with 'onion type' periosteal reaction. What is the lesion?

a) Giant cell tumor

b) Ewing's 

c) Osteosarcoma

d) Osteomalacia

Question  from theme of test 14 


Pancoast tumor

Q) 50 year old male with NSCL carcinoma of upper Rt lung which infiltrates the brachial plexus. WHat will be the managament? 

Lung and Thorax MCQS

a) Surgical resection

b) CCRT and resection

c) CCRT and access for response

d) Neoadjuvant and resection

Hereditary pancreatic cancers

Hereditary pancreatic cancers questions is asked many times in NEET SS and GI and onco Surgery CET 

Please understand the difference between x% lifetime risk of pancreatic cancer and x fold increase in risk as compared to normal population

  1. PRSS & SPINK 1 - Familial pancreatitis 40% lifetime increase . 50 fold increase as compared to Normal
  2. STK 11 - Peutz Jeghers - 100 fold increase in Pancreatic cancer . Also associated with lung, ovarian, breast, uterine, and testicular cancers
  3.  CFTR - cystic fibrosis - 30 fold increase
  4. Familial atypical mole and multiple melanoma syndrome (CDKN2A gene mutation). CDKN2A - 20 fold increase
  5.  BRCA 2 - 10 fold increase
  6. Lynch Syndrome  ( MLH) ( MSH) - 8 fold increase
  7. FAP APC gene - 4 fold