Q) All are true about Glucagonoma except

a) Usually seen  in middle age and elderly

b) Usually > 5cm at presentation

c) Skin lesions preceed tumor detection by 6-8yrs

d) Often associated with ketoacidosis

Glucaonoma is an endocrine tumor characterized by increased levels of serum glucaogon. It is seen in the age group ............... Read on   (Question 8) 

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Q) Regarding gastrinoma what is true? ( # Questions on Endocrine Surgery) 

a) All gastrinomas express SRS receptors

b) In 30 % of cases gastrinomas are not localized intra operatively

c) Levels of serum  gastrin more than 100pg/ml are strongly suggestive of gastrinoma

d) Angiography with secretin stimulation is required in all cases for localization of gastrinoma


EUS in pancreatic cancer

Q) What is true about the role of EUS in Carcinoma head of pancreas.

a) It has a sensitivity of 50-60% in detecting lesions less than 3 cm in size

b) It has a  high negative predictive  value

c) Chronic pancreatitis can be easily differentiated from Carcinoma head of pancreas by EUS

d) Small caliber needles have low accuracy than high caliber needles in FNAC

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