Response to chemotherapy

Q) A cancer patient with 4cm lung mass in CT scan undergoes neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Following which the mass size has reduced to 3 cm size and scan shows no disease elsewhere . What type of response is this ?
a. Complete response
b. Partial response
c. Stable disease
d. No response

Adenoid Cystic Tumors

Q) All are true for adenoid cystic tumor of the hard palate except

a) Perineural invasion

b) Lung metastasis

c) Lymph node metastasis

d) Increased risk of local recurrence

Ans c 

Adenoid cystic carcinoma is a rare tumor arising from the minor salivary glands;, the palate being the commonest site.

Distant metastasis and perineural invasion are common in adenoid cystic carcinoma.

The lesion is uncapsulated and infiltrative; invasion of underlying bone is common.

Incidence of cervical metastasis is low.

Distant metastasis occurs through blood stream to lung and bones. Direct extension of lesion of the base of skull has been reported as a cause of death.

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