Pancreas Adeno carcinoma risk factors

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Q) Wrongly matched Pancreatic Duct Adeno Carcinoma  risk factors :

1) Hereditary pancreatitis - PRSS1


3) PJS - STK 11

4) Hereditary breast and ovarian cancer - BRCA 2


Pancreas Transplant Exocrine drainage

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Q) In Pancreas transplant,  for  drainage of exocrine secretions which of the following are used? ( #Pancreas MCQs)

a) Duodenojejunostomy

b)Urinary bladder  Cystostomy

c) Direct duodenal anastomosis

d) All the above

Branch duct IPMN

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Q Direct Indication for surgery in Branch duct IMPN is 

a) Hypoechoic mural nodule
b) Multiple cysts
c) BD IMPN  Size 3cm
d) Enhancing solid component

Amylase in pancreatitis

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Q) In  acute pancreatitis all are true except :

1) Amylase is more sensitive for first 5 days than lipase

2) S. lipase remains elevated for a longer time

3) Amylase levels not included in definitive diagnostic criteria of acute pancreatitis

4) Amylase levels may not be elevated in 19 % of patients


Malignant Insulinoma

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Q) Regarding insulinoma, true is

a) Mostly malignant

b) Classic whipples triad seen in very few patients

Pancreas Embryology

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Q) Regarding pancreas  embryology  what is true

a) Annular is due to dorsal  duct migration and not ventral
b. Pancreas Divisum  consistently a/w Acute Pancreatitis
c. Persistent distal Dorsal duct forms santorini
d. Dorsal forms inferior head and uncinate

Pre op Management of carcinoma head of pancreas

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Q ) 45 year old patient with jaundice and itching diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of carcinoma head of pancreas with ECOG 1 , total  bilirubin  10mg% , s calcium  6.3 , sgot sgpt deranged. What is management
a) Whipple
b) Stenting whiple
c) Triple bypass
d) Biopsy stenting Chemo

Drugs – Pancreatitis

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Q )  Drug associated with with pancreatitis

A) Metformin

B) Sitagliptin 

C) Vidagliptin

D) Exenetide

Biliary stricture in Chronic pancreatitis

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Q ) Biliary stricture in chronic pancreatitis. True Statement is 
a) Endoscopy is primary treatment
b) Mostly asymptomatic
c) Stricture is because of proximity to head of pancreas
d) Malignancy must always be ruled out