Tissue Expanders in plastic Surgery

Q  Which of the following is false regarding tissue expanders? ( Plastic Surgery Q 46-60) 

a) Distal ports have the advantage of minimizing risk of iatrogenic rupture by accidental puncture.

b)  Integrated ports have the advantage of not having the need to make a separate dissection for the port.

c) Tubing between expander and port gets obstructed in case of integrated ports.

d) The Food and Drug Administration had cleared for the use of carbon dioxide–filled, remote-controlled tissue expanders


 Q) Pigmented lesion suspicious melanoma of size 1cm with ulceration and features of ABCD,
next step
A. Wide Local Excision  with 1cm margin
B. Excision biopsy with 1-2mm margin
C. Punch biopsy at the edge of the lesion
D. Incisional biopsy

Answer in Q 44