Splenic cyst

Q) A 35 year old asymptomatic male   undergoes a routine USG which reveals a 3 cm Splenic cyst. There is a prior history of trauma 2 months back. CT Shows smooth, unilocular, thick walled lesion. What should be further management

a) Conservative

b) Partial Splenectomy

c) Total Splenectomy

d) Percutaneous Aspiration


Q) True about OPSI

a) OPSI is over estimated and not seen 2 years after splenectomy

b) Focus of infection is always in the lung or abdomen

c)  Despite antibiotics and intensive care, the mortality rate is between 50% and 70% for full blown OPSI

d) H. influenza is the most common organism

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Accessory spleen

Q  Most common  site of accessory spleen ( # CET 2017 ) 
A. Hilum
B. Gastrosplenic ligament
C. Mesentery
D. Retroperitoneal


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