Gold Standard Investigations in GI Surgery and Onco Surgery


Ambulatory pH monitoring is the gold standard for the diagnosis of GER. ( SKF 61)

Esophageal high-resolution manometry (HRM) is currently the gold standard for the evaluation of esophageal motility ( SKF 11)

The current gold standard for the operative treatment of GERD is the laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. ( SKF 234)

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Ectopic pancreas

Q) Not a site of ectopic pancreas
a. Esophagus
b. GB
c. Liver
d. Jejunum

Squamous cell carcinoma

Q) What is the correct regarding squamous cell carcinoma? (For oncosurgery skin MCQs see here)

A)Chronic healing wound is a risk factor.

B)Bowen's disease does not have a risk of malignant transformation.

C)In situ disease present as slightly pink or skin coloured raised plaques.

D)Imiquimod is not used as a treatment option.

Non obstructive mesenteric ischemia

Q) Not true about Non Obstructive Mesenteric Ischeamia (NOMI)

a) Occurs due to treatment with vasopressors

b) Occurs in cardiac shock

c) Can occur in Burns

d) Hypercoagulable state maybe responsible for NOMI