Renal cell carcinoma

Q) False about Renal cell carcinoma is

a) More common in males

b) Associated with von hippel lindau syndrome

c) Always require radical nephrectomy

d) Has paraneoplastic manifestaions



Renal cell carcinoma is more common in males


loss of heterozygosity in chromosome 3p

B/l RCC is associated with VHL syndrome

Paraneoplastic of RCC

Anemia, hypettension, erythrocytosis.

Radical nephrectomy is the gold standard but not always necessary and partial nephrectomies in selected cases give good clearance


Q Not a true statement about Neuroblastoma 
A. Arises from adrenal cortex
B. Can cause paraplegia
C. May cause Hypertension
D. Secretes hormones

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