Gastric lymphoma

Q ) Treatment of Primary Gastric Lymphoma is 

a) Surgery

b) chemotherapy

c) Radiotherapy

d) Both chemo and radiotherapy

Stomach Physiology

Q) Regarding the microscopic anatomy of stomach, false statement is ?

a) Parietal cells are abundant in the body of stomach and secrete H+

b) Chief cells produce pepsinogen I and II

c) G cells are abundant in gastric antrum

d) ECL cells are abundant in antrum 

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Delayed complications of loop gastrojejunostomy

Q) Most common delayed complication of loop gastrojejunostomy

a) anemia

b)) gastric reflux

c) stricture

d) malignancy

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Right gastro epiploic vein

Q) Right gastroepiploic vein drains into
A. Splenic vein
B. Left gastric vein
C. Portal vein
D. Superior mesenteric vein

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Veins of SMV
Right gastro epiploic vein

Malabsorbtive procedure in bariatric Surgery

Q) Malabsorbtive  procedure in bariatric Surgery

a) Biliopancreatic division

b) Roux en Y Gastric bypass

c) Sleeve gastrectomy

d) LAp band




Dumping Syndrome causes

Q) Dumping all are true except 

a) Conversion of BI to BII

b)  More common in B1 as compared to BII

c) Most common after gastric pull up



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