CDH 1 gene

Q) CDH 1 gene is associated with which cancer

a) Breast

b) Colon

c) Prostate

d) Renal

ANs a

CDH 1 is with gastric and lobular breast cancer

The CDH1 gene is responsible for  making a protein called epithelial cadherin or E-cadherin.

Germline mutation in the CDH1 gene encoding E-cadherin is  shown to be associated with hereditary diffuse gastric cancer. Also RHOA gene is also associated with Ca stomach

Prophylactic total gastrectomy should be considered in patients with these mutations

Renal cancer is mainly associated with VHL gene

Gene mutation associated with CDH 

E Cadherin is involved in

a) Cell Adhesion

b) Cell maturation

c) Managing intracellular chemical signals

d) It acts as a tumor suppressor protein

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