Drugs in OncoSurgery

MCQS on Drugs asked in NEET 

Q1. Which of the following agents causes hemorrhagic cystitis?

a. Bleomycin

b. 5-fluorouracil

c. Cisplatin

d Cyclophosphamide

Ans d

Bleomycin can cause pulmonary fibrosis

Cisplatin - Ototoxicity, Neurotoxicity, Nephrotoxicity

5 FU - Mucositis, dermatitis and cerebellar dysf(x)

Q2. The most common complication of Bevacizumab is
a) hypertension
b) Hyperglycemia
c) Rashes
d) Gastrointestinal perforations


 2 a

The most common complication of bevacizumab is hypertension, requiring treatment (with routine oral antihypertensives) in approximately 10% of patients. Of more serious concern are two rare but serious complications: gastrointestinal perforation and arterial thromboses. Overall, 1.5% of patients receiving bevacizumab experienced a perforation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Q3 ) GNRH agonist is  ( NEET Onco 2020) 
A. Buserelin
B. Anastrazole,
C. Exemestane,
D. letrozole

Q) Following is a marker for anti-cancer effect of Erlotinib-



Skin rash


Q) Vemurafinib Mechanism of Action 

Ans - BRAF inhibitor used in melanoma