Endocrine Surgery

55 recalled  unanswered questions from this year AIIMS Endocrine 2019

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1.Tumor suppressor gene involved in thyroid tumorigenesis
A. Braf
4. RET
2.Indication to offer total thyroidectomy in Bethesda 4 category FNA all except
A. Multiple nodules on opposite side
B. History of radiation
C. Nodule more than 4 cm
D. Male gender
3.Blood supply of superior parathyroid
A. Superior thyroid artery
B. Inferior thyroid artery
C. Common carotid artery
D. Internal carotid artery
4.21 year old boy with severe symptoms of bone pain and fractures, high PTH and calcium on MIBI and 4D CT found to have lesion in the left posterior mediastinum. Lesion most likely is
A. Intrathymic parathyroid adenoma
B. Inferior parathyroid adenoma
C. Superior parathyroid adenoma
5.30 year old male underwent total thyroidectomy + mrnd, hpe with papillary carcinoma thyroid, no lvi or extracapsular invasion, lymphnode with metastasis. TNM Stage of cancer
A. Stage 2
B. Stage 1
C. Stage 3
D. Stage 4
6.All are features of PTC on FNA except
A. Psammoma bodies
B. Nuclear grooving
C. Bizzare cells
D. Orphan anni eye nucleus
7.All are features of Wermer synd except
A. Parathyroid  adenoma
B. Mucosal neuromas
C. Pheochromocytoma
D. Pituitary adenoma
8.Intra op success of parathyroidectomy for adenoma is achieved if IOPTH drops to
A. 10 %
C. 30%
9.Half Life of PTH 
A. 3-5msec
B.3-5 sec
C.20 min
D. 2-3 minutes
10.Absolute Indication to do thyroid scintigraphy
A. Graves disease
B. Toxic MNG
C. Solitary toxic nodule

D. Hashimoto thyroiditis

11.Absolute contraindication to BCS