Esophagus Q 41-50

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Q 41) Eosinophilic esophagitis - all are true except?
A.Most common presenting symptom is Dysphagia
B .Stricture develops in proximal esophagus
C . IL4 plays major role in eosinophil recruitment
D. Diagnosis established by Endoscopic biopsy

Q 42 ) Most common cause of  pseudo achalasia is ?
(a) Benign tumors of esophagus
(b) Chagas disease
(c) Caustic injury
(d) Adenocarcinoma of cardia
Answer 42

41) c

Because IL 5 plays major role in eosinophil recruitment...

So immunotherapy against IL5 used in esonophilic esophagitis

Bailey page 1101 27th edition


42) d
Pseudoachalasia is an achalasia-like disorder that is usually produced by adenocarcinoma of the cardia
Other uncommon causes are
 1.benign tumours at this level.
2, Tumors of bronchus, pancreas

Ref Bailey page 1097