Gall Bladder Q9- Q15



Q9) Risk factor for CA GB are all except
A. Multiple polyp
B large gall stone >3 cm
D pigment stone same risk as cholesterol stone

Q 10) All of the following are indications for performing intra op cholangiography except:

A. Pain around the day of surgery
B. Anomalous biliary anatomy
C. Suspicious findings on ERCP
D. Abnormal hepatic function panel


9 A) 

Its single polyp, Large stone more than 3 cm is a definite risk factor

Gall bladder cancer is seven times more common in those who have gall stones

Type of gall stone has no relation with the risk of malignancy

Other risk factors are APBDJ, PSC and choledochal cyst

Ref sabiston page 1512

10) c

Indications of intra op cholangiography are 

Pain at the time of operation

Abnormal hepatic functions panel

Anomalous or confusing biliary anatomy

Inability to perform post op ERCP

Dilated CBD

Any suspicion of choledocholithiasis

From Bailey  Box 54-1