General NeuroSurgery

Q) External ventricular drain are placed ?
A lateral ventricle
B 3rd ventricle
C 4th ventricle

D subarachnoid space

Q2) All of the following are true about Aneurysmal SAH except?
A Rebleed risk of 4 percent in first 24 hours
B Overall survival 50 percent
C Medical management includes Nimodipine every 4 hourly
D Rebleeding may occur after clipping of aneurysms

Answer D
Rebleeding usually occurs after coiling more than clipping of aneurysms. Hence a surveillance is advised after endovascular coiling

Q3. All of the following about brain tumors are true except?
A. Bilateral acoustic neuromas are seen in NF2
B. Supratentorial tumours are common in neonates
C. Meningioma recurs at a rate of 10% at ten years for subtotal excision
D. 15% of brain metastases are from breast primary

Ans is c


Neonates develop predominantly neuroectodermal tumours in supratentorial locations:
● teratoma;
● primitive neuroectodermal tumour (PNET);
● high-grade astrocytoma;
● choroid plexus papilloma/carcinoma