General Surgery For NEET Ss 2021 Basic chapters

General Surgery preparation for NEET SS 2020

Random Gen Surgery 

Q)The vessel fused by bipolar energy device can withstand upto how many times normal systolic pressure?
A) one time

B) two

C) three

D) four times

Q2 . Harmonic scalpel causes protein denaturation by

a) heat 

b) vibration

c) both heat and vibration 

d) none of the above

Ans b

During use, the scalpel vibrates in the 20 000–50 000 Hz range and cuts through tissues, effecting haemostasis by sealing vessels and tissues by means of protein denaturation caused by vibration rather than heat

Ref Bailey page 104

Q) The cells or cell components central to wound healing are:
A. B cells

B. T cells

C. Leukocytes

D. Macrophages

Q4) False about the use of propofol as anesthetic drug in surgery

a) It is short acting and used in Iv sedation

b) It is a good analgesic and preferred in all surgeries

c) Propofol infusion syndrome is rare but fatal

d) Propofol is a bronchodilataor

Q5) Acute phase of neuroendocrine response to severe injury/critical illness includes all except

A. Beneficial for long term survival

B. Actively secreting pituitary

C. Elevated glucagon, cortisol, adrenaline

D. Beneficial for short term survival

Q6) The following drug has been shown to improve long term survival after major surgery

A. Calcium channel blockers

B. ACE inhibitors

C. Beta blockers



Q 8 Which of the following is not a feature of vacuum assisted closure of a wound

A. Negative pressure acts by decreasing edema

B. VAC removes interstitial fluid and increases blood flow

C. VAC involves application of continuous negative pressure of -125mmHg

D. VAC results in decreased bacterial counts and cell proliferation increases

Q9) Frequency of order of pressure sores

A. Heel>occiput>malleolus>greater trochanter

B. Ischium>sacrum>greater trochanter>heel

C. Malleolus>ischium>greater trochanter>occipital

D. Ischium>greater trochanter>sacrum>heel