General Surgery MCQs

Q1. True statement about neurogenic shock

a) Tachycardia

b) The patient has cold and moist extremity

c) It is due to parasympathetic cut off

d) It is a diagnosis of exclusion


Q2. Shock which is associated with acquired adrenal insufficiency

a) Cardiogenic

b) Septic

c) Neuorgenic

d) Hypovolemic


Q3.RET Oncogene is located in

a) 10q11

b) 10p11

c) 11q10

d) 11p10


Q4. 26 year old woman after severe bleeding due to PPH develops acute renal failure. Serum glucose is 150mg/dl, sodium is normal, potassium is 6.5 meq/l and bicarbonate 15meq/l. What should be the next step in treatment

a) IV 0.9% NAcl

b) 100ml of 50% glucose with insulin

c) IV Calcitonin

D) IV Magnesium Sulphate




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