General Surgery Practise NEET -2020 ss

Q1) Erythrophagocytosis is a histological feature of:
A) Crohn's disease
D) Tuberculosis

Ans c


Seen in ileal perforation

In crohn and ulcerative colitis histological features are well known.

TB is associated with granulomas

Q2 Complications of massive transfusion include all except
A) Hypokalemia
B) Hypothermia
C) Hyperkalemia
D) Hypercalcemia

ans d 

Complications from massive transfusion include:

● coagulopathy; ● hypocalcaemia; ● hyperkalaemia; ● hypokalaemia; ● hypothermia

Bailey page 22

Q3) Ligasure seals vessels upto size
A) 6 mm
B) 7 mm
C) 8 mm
D) 9mm

Ans 7 mm

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