General Surgery MCQs- Shock

Shock and Blood Transfusion ( 12) 

General Surgery Topics for MCH Preparation

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Q1. True statement about neurogenic shock

a) Tachycardia

b) The patient has cold and moist extremity

c) It is due to parasympathetic cut off

d) It is a diagnosis of exclusion


It is the sudden loss of autonomic tone due to spinal cord injury. Disruption of descending sympathetic pathway leads to vasodilation and decreased vascular resistance.

Patient has bradycardia and not tachycardia. 

Extremities are warm in these cases.

Q2. Shock which is associated with acquired adrenal insufficiency

a) Cardiogenic

b) Septic

c) Neurogenic

d) Hypovolemic

 2. b Septic Shock

 Sepsis activates the endogenous release of cortisol,

Cortisol forms  both pro- and anti-inflammatory mediators to restrict inflammation in infected tissues.

Other  factors,

a) including vascular or ischemic damage

b) inflammation 

c) apoptosis within the hypothalamic-pituitary adrenal axis

d) drugs that alter cortisol metabolism, may cause adrenal insufficiency