MCQs for Medical Students , NEET pattern 16-20

MCQ for Medical Students

These MCQs are specially made for medical students. Although the site is for superspeciality exams, these mcqs are perfect for all medical students.

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Q16. A 45 year old male has severe coughing followed by sudden Bilateral pain in lower abdomen. At the same time he develops a swelling in the mid line, lower abdomen which does not change in size on raising the leg muscles. What has really happened?

a) Ruptured aortic aneurysm

b) Obturator hernia

c) Spigelian Hernia

d) Rectus sheath hemataoma

Q17. A 40 year old male is  undergoing appendicectomy for acute appendictis.  During surgery a 3 cm mass is found in the body of appendix. Frozen section of the mass reveals carcinoid tumor. Which of the following is true

a) Appendicectomy should be completed followed by radiotherapy to the bed

b) Right hemicolectomy should be done

c) There is 50% chance of developing carcinoid syndrome in this case

d)  Carcinoid syndrome occurs if there is liver metastasis