Gold Standard Investigations in GI Surgery and Onco Surgery


Ambulatory pH monitoring is the gold standard for the diagnosis of GER. ( SKF 61)

Esophageal high-resolution manometry (HRM) is currently the gold standard for the evaluation of esophageal motility ( SKF 11)

The current gold standard for the operative treatment of GERD is the laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication. ( SKF 234)

The gold standard of bariatric surgery is still the laparoscopic Roux en-Y gastric bypass. ( SKF chapter 24)

Barium esophagram as the gold standard for evaluating PEH ( SKF 286)

Endoscopic therapy as the gold standard in patients with high-grade dysplasia in Barrett esophagus. ( SKF 350)


  1. Solid phase gastric emptying test is the current gold standard for the diagnosis of gastroparesis
  2.  Gold standard for diagnosis of H. pylori is mucosal biopsy performed during upper endoscopy


  1. Gold standard in breast reconstruction with autogenous tissue is the transverse rectus abdominis ( saby 868) 
  2. Bilateral neck exploration (BNE) has long been the gold standard operation for PHPT ( Saby 931) 
  3. The gold standard for diagnosis of insulinoma is the 72-hour monitored fast  ( Saby 952) 


  1. Use of the urinary bladder catheter has been the gold standard and is the indirect method used to measure IAP  ( Saby 308) 

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