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Q21) In Nasopharyngeal carcinoma, Petrosphenoidal syndrome involves which cranial nerves ( Aiims onco 2020) ?

a) VII- X

b) I-III

c) II-Vi

d) Viii- X

Ans 21 ) c II - VI

 Petrosphenoidal syndrome of Jacob – includes unilateral trigeminal neuralgia ( v) , unilateral ptosis(III)  complete ophthalmoplegia ( III, IV, VI)  and amaurosis – ( CN II)  by IC extension

Q22 ) A patient is diagnosed with Pleomorphic Adenoma of Submandibular Gland all of the nerve can be damaged during surgery except?

a) Marginal Mandibular Nerve

b) Inferior Alveolar Nerve

c) Hypoglossal Nerve

d) Lingual Nerve

Ans 22 ) b Inferior Alveolar nerve

Complications of submandibular gland excision
● haematoma;
● wound infection;
● marginal mandibular nerve injury;
● lingual nerve injury;
● hypoglossal nerve injury;
● transection of the nerve to the mylohyoid muscle producing submental skin anaesthesia.

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