How to prepare for NEET SS Surgery 2020- Multichoice Questions

Multichoice Questions Practice is the key

Recently there was an interactive whatsapp session with toppers on the site and an array of questions were put to them regarding the best way to prepare for NEET SS 2020

I will be summarizing the important points here for the benefit of those who missed it and for new aspirants.

First things first, there is no short cut to success and hard work is required irrespective of the talent. The top students are intelligent as well as hard working who know that success does not come easy.

NEET SS 2020

a) Important chapters from Books for NEET 2020 GI Surgery


Chapters- 2,3,5,6,8,24,27,31,33,34,35,36,37,38,41,42,46,47,49-60,65,66,69,74,76,78,81-89,96-98,102-121


Chapters- 1,4,6,8,9,15-24,31-34,39-43,47-49,59-62,65-67,73-89,93-95,104,110,113,114,115,118,entire colo rectal

Some non HPB topics from SKF

Ca esophagus
Mesenteric ischemia
Retrorectal tumors


b. Make notes through out your preparation

Notes preparation takes time initially but during revision you will find it time saving. You cannot revise blumgart chapters by reading 2-3 times..

 c. Specific topics preparation

GI malignancies- From  sabiston then NCCN guidelines entirely and then SKF or Blumgart only for surgical techniques and post op complications..
Solving mcqs which are shared and discussed in mcqsurgery group help to cover other topics which you can skip  in SKF and Blumgart.

Read entire GIT and endocrine from Sabiston..atleast thrice
Read  one system and solve mcqs related to that systems and then move on to next system

How to go about things when two books mention different answers

See bailey is good for general Surgery

Sabiston  is for  NEET ss

But still also u may consider the language of question  that from which book it ,or the options resemble (I know this is absurd)

You can also try to find general opinion of coaching teachers and books

But overall it depends on the ans key

It may not be from both bailey and sabi

For general Surgery Part NEET 2020 preparation

 Read general surgery part from Bailey and selected chapters from sabiston like shock nutrition post complications anaesthesia

 What would be your strategy in the last month for NEET ?

Prepare hard for general part because  that is where most lose more marks
Gi cover to cover at least from bailey and sabiston