NEET SS GI Surgery How to Study for MCH

NEET SS GI Surgery Discussion from Toppers

Concentrate on both NEET and institution exams. The questions are similar and pattern changes every year depending on who has set the paper

Q) Another area is liver pancreas transplantation.. How much importance should it be given? And from where to read? Its given extensively in Blumgart?

A) For Transplant Sabiston is good

Q) Apart from Bailey and sabiston what else had you studied?

A) Next important thing was selection of materials to study Bailey and Sabiston must read

Schwartz general part..and I had read Shackleford before once. took short notes and revised it .

Q) Baily sabiston and skf cover to cover and schwartz general part?
 any selective approach for them as many common topics are there??

A) Yes some common topics are there and answers are also different better not to think about those much.B

ailey didn't concentrate much on ortho and ent must I felt 

Sabiston upto gi all seemed to be important and pediatric sx..ctvs part only some topics previously asked part.

Q) Style of Studying?

A) Each one have a way of studying. Go by that but be sincere and hard definitely will pay back. This group gears up and showed me how much competition we have.

Q) In MCH Exams concepts matter?

A) For my MS exam I studied both bailey and sabiston I thnk it was an important thing for me..and it was easier for me to study those who are about to give exams finish bailey and sabiston before ur MS exam.

Q) Anyone who continued job till the end and still secured a good rank ?

Most had left the jobs and studied for 4-6 months. Only one affirmative, Rank 31


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