INI GI Surgery November 2023

Q 1. Identify the wrong combination of incision

a) Pfannenstiel - Low transverse

b) Maylard - Low transverse

c) Gibson - Modified Right subcostal

d) Chevron - Bucket handle

Ans c

The Maylard low transverse abdominal incision is a rare variant in which the deep inferior epigastric vessels are ligated. This is clinically important and has significant implications for preoperative planning of reconstructive surgery based on these vessels.

Gibson incision is used for kidney transplantation or as an extraperitoneal approach to the distal ureter with low morbidity

Bile duct and biliary tree

Q) Name of the classification with bile duct injury and vascular injury

a) Hannover

b) Stewart way

c) Bismuth

d) Strasberg

Ans a

In the Hannover, bile duct injuries were divided into five types from A to E. Type A is peripheral bile leakage. Type B is stricture of CHD or CBD without injury. Type C is lateral CHD or CBD injury. Type D is total transection of CHD. Type E is bile duct stricture of the main bile duct without bile leakage at postoperative state. Vascular injuries are included in Type C and Type D