INI SS December 2021 ONCO

INI SS onco paper December 2021 recall

1. In cholecystitis with small bowel obstruction

a) Pneumobilia


Q) Before staring  anastrozole in 56 yr/F Which investigation is required as a part of work up

a) Dexa scan

b) Bone scan


d) CT  abdomen  pelvis

Ans a

Endrocrine ONco

Which of the following is incorrect about pheochromocytoma ?
1) improvement in perioperative mortality to <1% due to advances in pharmacology, physiology, anesthesia.
2)Most commonly observed perioperative hemodynamic changes are intraoperative hypertension and postoperative hypotension
3) phenoxybenzamine is nonspecific, non competivtive , long acting alpha blocker
4) as soon as the biochemical diagnosis of pheochromocytoma has been confirmed, alpha blockade should be initiated ...

Q4. False about parathyroid localization?

a) Surgeon should not depend on radiologist for localization of gland but also himself/herself evaluate all reports
b)  Frozen section  or FNAC is done  intraoperatively   identify parathyroid carcinoma

c) Ectopic ectopic parathyroid localization done by spect sestamibi\

d) Intraop PTH  monitoring is a reliable method of reassuring the surgeon that all the hyperfunctioning tissue has been removed before exiting the ot

Ans b

General Onco

Q) Particles which are present between 2 cells but  do not help in communicating information or exchange

a) Tight junction
b) Gap junction
c) Desmosomes
d) Connexons

Ans c) Desmosomes 

Tight junctions form bidirectional signaling platforms that receive signals from the cell interior, which regulate their assembly and function, and that transduce signals to the cell interior to control cell proliferation, migration, differentiation and survival.

Gap junctions are channels that physically connect adjacent cells, mediating the rapid exchange of small molecules, and playing an essential role in a wide range of physiological processes in nearly every system in the body, including the nervous system

Desmosomes are specialized adhesive protein complexes that localize to intercellular junctions and are responsible for maintaining the mechanical integrity of tissues.

Connexons form the pore for a gap junction between the cytoplasm of two adjacent cells. This channel allows for bidirectional flow of ions and signaling molecules.

Q) Not true about Cross Trial?

a) Pathological response rate is more in SCC than Adeno CA

b) No change in overall survival

c) Grade III/IV hematological toxicity is less than 10%

d) No difference in overall morbidity and mortality between the two arms

Ans b ) At 45 months, the trial showed a significant survival benefit.

This is a Dutch trial which showed preop chemo RT followed by Surgery alone is better than upfront Surgery in patients with ca esophagus or GE junction tumors.

Both SCC and Adeno CA were included .Pathologic complete responses were seen in 24% of adenocarcinomas and 49% of squamous cancers ( a is true)

Options C and D are true

Ref Devita