Q1) Anatomy of head of pancreas 

a) Ant and lat to GDA

b) Caudal to PV

c) Post to IVC

d) Left of IVC

Ans b 

The head of the pancreas is the most inferior portion of the gland. It lies anterior to the inferior vena cava, to the right of the portal-splenic confluence, inferior to the main portal vein and caudate lobe of the liver, and medial to the duodenum as it “lies in the lap” of the C-loop of the duodenum 

Q2) Foreign body Impaction in Esophagus

a) C4

b) T1

c) T4

d) T6

Q3) Radical total gastrectomy . All removed except

a) Whole stomach

b) Pancreas and spleen

c) N2 except station 10


Bailey page 1138

4) RYGB false is

a) decreased GLP 1

b) DECreases ghrelin

c) decrease crp

d) diabetes control

sabiston page 1164


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