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Q46) Which of the following liver resections have the least chances of bleeding?

a) Previous history of TACE

b) A patient with splenomegaly

c) The patient with Platelet count 25000

d) Patient with grade III esophageal varices

47). Absolute contraindication for left lobe LDLT is
A. Trifurcation of the portal vein
B. Bifurcation of portal vein in the right lobe of the liver
C. Aberrant right hepatic artery
D. Right Posterior duct draining into left hepatic duct

48) Which of the following does not cause hepatic adenoma? (AIIMS 2018, NOV) 

a) Estrogens

b) Steroids

c) Alcohol

d) Diabetes



46) a

Prior history of TACE means no portal hypertension. All other choices are indirect evidences of portal hypertension.

47) d

Trifurcation of portal vein is not a contraindication of  left lobe liver transplant  as we will get a single portal vein on the left side

Portal vein trifurcation
Portal vein

Bifurcation of portal vein in right lobe does not matter because we are leaving the right lobe behind

Again right aberrant artery does not matter because that segment is left behind

Right post duct draining into left duct gives rise to two ducts on the left or a single duct which is quite high.

Right posterior duct to left

48) Alcohol

For Explanation read q 10 here