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Q71) Regeneration of liver false is 
a)  From 2 week to 3 month
b) Occur from epithelial cell fenestration.
c)  Kupffer cell DNA synthesis with in 48 hr
d) Regeneration from periportal to pericentral direction

Ans False is b 

Hepatocytes provide the mitogenic stimulus.

a is true

Liver regeneration is carried out by hepatocytes, biliary, fenestrated endothelial cells, Kupffer cells and Ito cells.

Induction of DNA synthesis at 48 hrs in Kupffer cells and biliary epithelial cells and 96 hrs for endothelial cells.

Q72 )  Most common anomaly of hepatic artery noted during liver resection is
a. Accessory right hepatic artery originating from superior mesenteric artery
b. Replaced right hepatic artery originating from superior mesenteric artery
c. Accessory left hepatic artery originating left gastric artery

d. Replaced left hepatic artery originating from left gastric artery

Ans  72 b

Michels described the hepatic arterial anatomy and its variations using the results of 200 cadaveric dissections and identified 10 types of hepatic arterial anatomy

Type I: normal pattern Type II: a replaced LHA from the left gastric artery  type III: a replaced RHA from the SMA; type IV: replaced RHA and LHA; type V: an accessory LHA; type VI: an accessory RHA; type VII: accessory RHA and LHA

Normal Anatomy

Type III is the most common after standard anatomy

Q 73) Which of the following  hemodynamic changes do not occur after Pringles maneuver?

a) Increased Mean arterial pressure (MAP)

b) Increased Systemic Vascular Resistance ( SVR)

c) Decreased Cardiac output

d) Increase in Central venous pressure

Ans 73) d ) Increase in CVP

When the blood vessels of the portal triad were clamped for ischaemic preconditioning, the CVP decreases  because of a reduction in venous return from the splanchnic organs, including the liver and the intestine

Portal triad clamping typically increases mean arterial pressure(MAP)(+21%)and systemic vascular resistance(SVR)(+48%),and decreases cardiac output(±17%)