Lung Cancer from MCH Onco perspective

Pathology of Lung cancers


Important points about lung cancer 

Lung cancers are traditionally divided into

  1. non–small cell carcinoma (NSCC)

2. small cell carcinoma (small cell lung carcinoma, SCLC),

Former accounting for 80% of the cases and the latter accounting for the remaining 20%

Major types of NSCC include

Adenocarcinoma - Most common, Most common presentation  peripherally located mass with central fibrosis and pleural puckering. 

Lung adenocarcinoma cells usually express pneumocytic markers.

Thyroid transcription factor (TTF-1) and NapsinA are expressed in more than 85% of the lung adenocarcinoma

Squamous cell carcinoma (SSC), SCC usually occurs in the central portion of the lung, along major airways, and can form cavities when it achieves a large size. 

large cell carcinoma (LCC) Peripheral 

Target ted therapy

EGFR mutation and ALK translocation are the most effectively targeted oncogenes in NSCC and are now considered standard of care.