MCH General Surgery questions 1-20 (2019)

NEET 2019 - General Surgery Q1-20

Questions 21-40

Q1 A person undergoes  renal transplant 10yrs back. He  presents with fever weight loss and chest CT showing nodules and mediastinal lymphmodes, most likely organism responsible?
a) CMV
b) Ebstein Barr Virus

Q2. In Intra op Air embolism  which position the anesthetist turn the patient to

Ans Left lateral with head down

Q3.Regarding succinylcholine all options are correct except?

a) Bradycardia

Q4) ETCO2-PaCo2 Nomal value?

Q 5) question on Dermoid cyst with CT image
Implantation Dermoid or
Sequestration Dermoid?

Q6) Chovstek sign with normal calcium seen in


Q7. Acute suppurative cervical adenitis in children. caused by
1. streptococus A and staph

Q8) All of the following are used for Nutritional Assessment except

a) Albumin

Q9) Thromobelastography true is
1. external pathway only involved
2. internal pathway invovled
3. only platelet functn
4. viscoelastic

Ans d

Q10) Question on clinical features of zenker diverticulum  and Killian's dehiscence with image

Link to image

Clinical features of Zenker